Corporate Support

The support we receive from the corporate community is invaluable and we are really fortunate to work alongside some of New Zealand’s finest organisations who support us in a variety of ways.

Corporate Support

Becoming A Corporate Partner

If your organisation is keen to join the family of supporters and help improve the heart health of all New Zealanders then we would love to hear from you.

We work alongside some great organisations who share our values of:

REAL – Live it, Breathe it
CONNECTED – Inside and out
PUMPING – Passionate for change

We strive to help Kiwis fulfil a lifetime - to do those things they want to achieve – which they can only do if they are well and healthy. Our corporate partners help us achieve these goals by funding our work and providing other help such as volunteering time to help at events such as our Annual Appeal.

We approach each sponsorship as a true partnership with a clear understanding of each other’s objectives to get the best for both the Heart Foundation and our partner.

How can you help?

There are a number of ways your organisation  can help us, including:

  • donating goods or services
  • volunteering at events and campaigns
  • sponsoring our work or a specific programme
  • financially supporting research projects

If you share our values, want to make a positive impact on the heart health of New Zealand and want to be part of our family, contact us to find out more about becoming a corporate partner.

Next steps

Which organisations do we currently work with? 

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