Sit less and move more

Many people do not know that too much sitting (being sedentary) is bad for your health. Even if you get lots of physical exercise, if you sit all day at a desk and watch TV all evening, you have a greater risk of heart disease than someone who moves about a lot during their day.

Sit less and move more

If you already have a heart condition click here for more information


In addition to actively exercising, we should all move more and sit less. Here's some tips:

Stand up

While talking or texting on the phone: standing uses more muscles and energy than sitting

Stand and do the ironing, wash the dishes or other household chores while watching TV

Stand during meetings or presentations.


Join a walking group, buddy up with a friend

Park the car further from your destination or get off the bus one stop earlier and walk

Use the stairs instead of the lift - even for one flight

Go for a brisk walk around the block or backyard at lunchtime and breaks.


Wash the car, wash the windows and other household tasks by hand

Hang out the washing instead of putting it in the dryer

Get off the sofa and change the TV channel at the set rather than using the remote

Use the ad breaks on TV to stand and do some stretches, squats, lunges etc.

Take a break from your computer and stand, move and/or stretch every 30 minutes

Sit on a Swiss Ball at your desk rather than a chair (uses more muscles and more energy).

Use Technology

Get  a fitness App. for your mobile phone which gives lots of tips and keeps you on track

Log on to a free internet fitness or yoga programme

Use an activity-based computer game to take an exercise or yoga class or to ski, play tennis, golf or boxing in the comfort of your own living room.


Need more information?

There's lots of help and support available. Here are some suggestions to get you on your way:

  • Walking, running, cycling and swimming programmes: design your own or find a programmes locally that you can join
  • Sports NZ aims to get New Zealanders enjoying and excelling through sport and recreation
  • Click onto the Sports NZ website for information on activity programmes close to you. Sports NZ also has a list of local Regional Sports Trusts that could help put you in touch with sports clubs, recreational activities or provide other support to help you get active
  • Walking and running events like the Auckland Marathon and Half Marathon are great for motivating you to be more physically active. It is recommended that you prepare yourself for any major physical activity event to avoid injury and ensure you enjoy the event. Various training programmes are available, including 12 week training programmes for all event distances for the Auckland Marathon
  • Click here for more information on heart health physical activity.


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