Heart Foundation Tick

Helping New Zealanders identify healthier choices within food categories.

For the past 25 years the Heart Foundation Tick has been a trusted symbol helping New Zealanders easily identify healthier food choices. The Tick logo is now on more than 1,000 products in 60 food categories. The Tick remains the flagship tool for supporting people in their grocery shopping and encouraging food companies to reformulate their products to meet our Tick nutrient criteria.  

In 2014, we introduced Two Ticks to assist with identifying 'core' foods for a healthy diet.  Due to its stricter criteria this logo is only on a limited number of categories.

What does the Tick logo mean?

You may have seen our logo on products, and wondered what this means. Please visit About the Tick and About Two Ticks to learn more about this programme.

Tick Information for Health Professionals

We are continually evaluating the Tick Programme through feedback from consumers, health professionals and industry. Find out more about how we help, and how to order bulk waiting room resources.

How do I get the Tick on my products?

Tick products must be independently tested and proven to meet the Tick's strict nutrition standards. Find out more about these standards and the steps you need to take to have your product assessed for the Tick.

View the Tick teams latest recipes

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