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Cardiac Rehabilitation

Cardiac rehabilitation is a process that helps you make essential changes to your lifestyle so that you can return to as 'normal' a life as possible following a heart event.

Cardiac Rehabilitation

What is cardiac rehabilitation?

Cardiac rehabilitation is a term used by health professionals; 'cardiac' refers to the heart and 'rehabilitation' means to restore health. The main goals of cardiac rehabilitation are:

  • To prevent you suffering further cardiovascular events by helping you take control of your life
  • To improve your quality of life

Cardiac rehabilitation services provide you and your family with education, information, physical activity and social support with help from health professionals - including dieticians, nurses, physiotherapists, cardiologists, psychologists and others.


What are the benefits of cardiac rehabilitation?

Cardiac rehabilitation is a vitally important part of your recovery and can make a real difference to you and your family. Cardiac rehabilitation programmes can:

  • reduce your chance of having another heart attack
  • decrease complications
  • increase your chance of survival
  • improve quality of life for both you and your family/whanau
  • improve your confidence.


Who is eligible for cardiac rehabilitation?

Cardiac rehabilitation can help anyone who has had a heart attack or any cardiac event or procedure, either recently or in the past, for example:

  • coronary artery bypass surgery
  • angioplasty (stent)
  • stable or unstable angina
  • controlled heart failure
  • valve surgery

Your family members are also encouraged to participate with you throughout the cardiac rehabilitation process.


Where can I find my nearest heart support group or cardiac rehabilitation programme?

Heart support groups give you and your partner/family/whanau the chance to meet and talk with others who have gone through similar experiences. Most groups have physical activity programmes, invite guest speakers to talk about heart health related issues as well as other general topics. All groups try to promote a warm social atmosphere. 

There are a large number of heart support groups and cardiac rehabilitiation programmes throughout New Zealand. Find out which groups are available in your area by checking out our Cardiac Community Online Directory

Every endeavour has been made to ensure the information in the online directory is accurate and up-to-date. For more information, please contact us.

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University of York - Cardiac Rehabilitation

This site supported by the British Heart Foundation, has information for both patients and professionals interested in cardiac rehabilitation.

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