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Carers and Family/Whanau

Being a carer for someone who has a heart condition can be very demanding - both physically and emotionally. Some carers have to juggle work with home and family life as well as looking after their partner or relative.

Carers and Family/Whanau

If you are a carer, whether your caring involves emotional support, taking on extra chores or caring for someone 24 hours a day, you need to have a life of your own and to take care of your own physical and mental wellbeing. This includes taking regular breaks and taking time out for yourself.


Where can I find support and more information?

Your doctor or practice nurse will be able to provide you with information and know of any local support available.

Whether you need practical advice, a sympathetic ear or a chance to take a break, there are plenty of organisations ready to give you that support.

Carers Net and Carers Air
These sites were developed with the help of the Ministry of Social Development, ACC, the Ministry of Health, and private sponsors provides information on services available to carers. It is free to join and you receive regular newsletters.

Heart Support Groups
Heart Support Groups are one of the best places for both heart patients and their carers to get help and support. Set up by patients and carers or professionals,they do a tremendous job in bringing fun and friendship into peoples lives after the traumatic experience of a heart incident or diagnosis.

A Guide for Carers
This factsheet is produced by the Ministry of Health.

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