Malo Fatu,

December 16 2013

You knows, I‘m a really confusing adda mowmints becoz dea is hips of fings now about losing da weights. One beobles are saying eat dis foods but other beobles say I can eats it but can’t eats the other sorts of foods. Dea is also a fings like drinking da shakes or a bills and dis and dat to stob it us getting a fats. It makes me tizzy and goes rounds and rounds like a roundabouts. My missus she spend hips of moneys on deez fings but I’m like a giggle, giggle to her ‘cos she loss only like a 1 grams. I was tells her she bedda be carefuls of doze fings becoz we not know if it’s a truthful fing or not. Fatu can you shine a headlights on dis for me bleeze?

Dizzy abouda Dieitzs

Malo Fatu,

Malo Dizzy abouda Dieitz,

I heard where yous are coming froms. To be honest wif you, dea is really no needs to do those fings. Our body is need tiffrint vidamins and minerals to be a healfee and fungshin broberly. When we eating one sorts and not da others our body is not get doze imboardant fings dat other food is provide. The questions is – do you fink all the vidamins and minerals and otha good fings our body needs are in a shakes or a bill? Can we affords to pays for these fings all the times? Absolutely not! That’s a crazy finking! We need to eating a variety of good foods – its more cheaper and bedda for us than shakes or a bills. We need to watch it for the bortions and how much food we eat. We needs to exercise everydays. That is how we keeps healfee. There is no short cuts or a magics to being healfee.

Laders my alligadors

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