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Improving Pacific Health

The Heart Foundation is committed to helping Pacific families and communities make heart healthy choices through all its services.

Improving Pacific Health

The Heart Foundation's national Pacific Heartbeat team deliver smokefree and healthy eating messages through events, awareness workshops and courses that are appropriate and relevant to the cultures, customs and lifestyles of Pacific peoples living in New Zealand.

The Pacific Hearbeat team also work collaboratively with other agengies to help create environments that support Pacific healthy lifestyles.

Our vision 

To improve and make a difference to the Heart health of Pacific people living in New Zealand.

How we help

Specific services and resources we deliver include:

  • Smokefree awareness workshops
  • Pacific Smoking Cessation Training
  • Community Nutrition Courses
  • Certificate in Pacific Nutrition
  • Resources in Pacific languages

Learn more about the services offered by Pacific Heartbeat

Next steps

Read more about our work with Pacific families, communities and churches. Pacific Heart-to-Heart Newsletter

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