Position Statements and Background Papers

These evidence papers and position statements reflect the Heart Foundation's position at the time of publication.  They relate to issues that we believe are important to the health of New Zealanders and their family/whanau.

Position Statements and Background Papers


The Heart Foundation is committed to meeting the goal of a smoke free New Zealand by 2025


Rheumatic Fever

ARF is a significant cause of disease among Maori and Pacific children in New Zealand. The incidence of RHD is also high among these populations, with significant hospitalisation and death among young adults.


Apple on sale

Healthier, more affordable food

Improving the nutrition and food choices of New Zealanders is of utmost importance to health and heart health.


Cardiovascular Risk Management

Cardiovascular disease is largely preventable and is associated with large inequalities. Early detection and management of risk factors can lead to a reduction in sickness and premature death.


Child watching television

Advertising to children

Marketing of unhealthy food to children has been associated with adverse health outcomes, and is considered part of the childhood obesity problem.


Kids eating a healthy lunch

Healthy food in schools

The Heart Foundation's supports healthy food provision in New Zealand Schools. Good nutrition, particularly in the early years of life is fundamental to health. A healthy diet during childhood and adolescence promotes optimal health, growth and increases a child’s opportunity to learn.


Physical activity

Being physically active throughout life has many health benefits and helps you feel great.  It is particularly important for heart health.

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