Tick for food industry

Getting the Heart Foundation Tick logo on your products is an easy three step process. Find out how we work with food manufacturers to improve products by meeting our strict nutrient criteria.

For food manufacturers to find out how to get the Heart Foundation Tick on their products.

How do I get the Tick?

Getting the Heart Foundation Tick logo on your products is an easy three step process.

1. What products do you want to register? 
Tell us what products you would like to register with the Tick programme. The team will then send you the nutrition criteria specific to your product.

2. Independent laboratory assessment
If your product fits a Tick category it is tested by an independent lab. Our team will send you a lab submission form for AsureQuality, our preferred supplier, who is familiar with the programme. Once we have confirmation your products are eligible you will then receive a Tick application form.

3. Tick branding supplied
All foods registered with the Tick must have their packaging approved by the team. We have marketing guidelines on how to use the Tick logo, and our Recipe Guidelines provide a framework for developing recipes.

Apply for the Tick now!

All Tick-approved foods must be independently tested and proven to meet strict nutrient criteria. The nutrition criteria are reviewed regularly by an external group of food, nutrition and health experts. Two Ticks uses stricter criteria than one Tick and looks at foods as a whole (rather than looking at specific nutrients). 

Food companies cannot just ‘buy’ the Tick. There is an annual licence fee for the Tick based on the sales volume of your registered products. The fee covers the cost of compliance auditing, marketing activities to promote the Tick to consumers, and the development of the Tick nutrition standards. Contact our Tick team for more information.

The Heart Foundation Tick is New Zealand’s longest standing and most recognised voluntary front-of-pack labelling programme. The Tick provides an independent endorsement for consumers to help them identify healthier foods within a specific category.

As a partner, you not only have the advantage of the Tick on your products, but you also have access to many marketing opportunities for your Tick product. These include: promoting your products in our monthly Tick Talk e-newsletter, getting involved in special events (e.g. Food Show), and showcasing your Tick products and brand in our Tick Recipe Guide and Tick Shopping Guide.

The health star rating systemWe believe that the Heart Foundation Tick and the Ministry for Primary Industries' Health Star Rating System complement each other and help Kiwis make healthier food choices.

Health Stars are a front of pack labelling system designed to identify healthier choices within broad food categories. The star rating is calculated using an algorithm that takes into consideration positive and negative nutrients for a particular food.

While complementary, Health Stars and the Tick programme are different front-of-pack labelling programmes. The Health Satrs are self-administered by food companies and overseen by government, whereas, the Tick programme is endorsed and administered by the Heart Foundation. It is important to note that the Tick is the only front-of-pack labelling system that is independently tested, with regular auditing and compliance to ensure what is stated on the label reflects the true nutrient content of the food. Both the Tick programme and Health Stars should be used to compare similar products within food categories.