Benefits of becoming a Tick Partner

By registering your products with the Tick programme, you not only have the advantage of putting New Zealand's most trusted front of pack label on your product, but you have access to a number of marketing opportunities for your Tick product. To find out more, read on...

There are a number of marketing opportunities that are available to you as a Tick Partner which go beyond having the Tick on your product. These opportunities are free, and include the following:

Showcase your Tick products and brand in our Tick Tools

The Tick currently produces two resources including the Tick Recipe Guide and the Tick Shopping Guide. Both of these tools are made with the consumer in mind, and are an excellent way to showcase your product and brand.

Advertise your Tick products in our monthly Tick Talk e-newsletters

Every month we send out a Tick Talk e-newsletter to our Tick Club members which consists of over 30,000 household shoppers. This is an ideal way to get your brand and product in front of consumers. There are a number of ways you can do this, simply email the Tick Team  to find out how to leverage these FREE marketing opportunities. 

Get involved in special events

The Tick is becoming more prevalent at events around New Zealand including the Auckland Food Show, Wellington Food Show and other community events.

The Auckland Food Show provides a great opportunity as a Tick Partner, to lock in a guest spot on our Tick stand to showcase and sample your Tick product/s to the 1000's of visitors that pass through. You can also showcase your Tick product/s in our Tick goodie bags that we give out to visitors to the stand.


To find out how to become a Tick Partner, contact one of the team today!

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