Our strategic plan

Too many people are dying prematurely, are needlessly at risk, and are suffering from preventable heart disease. Our 2015-2018 strategic plan outlines how we're tackling these major issues in order to improve and extend the lives of New Zealanders.

Our vision

Hearts fit for life, for this generation and the next.

Since the Heart Foundation began, heart-related deaths have been reduced by 75% in New Zealand. However, heart disease is still our single biggest killer, claiming 6000 lives every year. Our vision is to ensure a lifetime of heart health for all New Zealanders.

Our mission

Stop New Zealanders dying prematurely of heart disease and help people with heart disease to live full and productive lives.

Every 90 minutes, a New Zealander dies from heart disease and many of these deaths are premature and preventable. Our mission serves to curb this devastating statistic.

Read our full strategic plan to see our values, main objectives and measures to achieving our goals.

Our strategic plan