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"I ♥ creating brands like HeartFelt 2 donate money to NZ Heart Foundation"

— Toby

"Fresh lease of life after hear surgery."

— Valerie

"“Life” is such a treasured gift to be enjoyed in so many ways. Have fun❤️"

— Yvonne

"Still being here after life-threatening illness - and enjoying life!"

— Roger

"Being with my grandchildren one of whom is a strong f & happy Heart Chil"

— Ann

"Being able to do all that appeals most to us! Health, fitness, people! "

— Roger

"I love my partner"

— Brent

"Thanks to the medical professionals who have helped to save my life "

— Neil

"Thanks to the medical professionals who have helped to save my life "

— Neil

"Sharing silly anecdotes with my workmates!"

— Kate


— Heather

"I love spending quality, happy and relax time with my family."

— Gener

" We re grateful for NZ cardiologist Tony Scott and surgeon Nicholas Kang"

— PJ

"Just being useful to other folk."

— Richard

"Nature and a good book"

— Ken

"Spending time with family and friends"

— Jennifer

"Life is Great ..Even more than last year ..Family and Friends important"

— Nicolaos

"Spending time with people I love"

— Ann

"grateful to have my husband still with me after great care he received."

— Catherine

"The wonder and beauty of the natural world. "

— Ann

"Participating in lots of outdoor activities with my family. "

— Elaine

"I love every time I see my grandchildren and spend time with them. "

— Cathy

"Enjoying development of children/grandchildren; being active with them."

— Graham

"I love theme parks, aeroplanes, airports and trains, and Mummy and Daddy"

— Ashton

"A good downhill run"

— Delia