Matters of the heart

Brought to you by the Heart Foundation and Christchurch Heart Institute, a University of Otago Research Centre. Come along and learn about heart health and the world-leading heart research being carried out in Christchurch.

Dr Anna Pilbrow, Senior Research Fellow

The basics of heart disease and why it runs in families

Anna’s talk will introduce the common forms of heart disease and explain that half your risk of heart disease is inherited. But you’re not doomed by your DNA - a healthy lifestyle can offset your genetic risk.

Dr Geoff Clare, Consultant Cardiologist

Atrial Fibrillation – overview and advances

Atrial fibrillation is an abnormality of the heart’s electrical rhythm that becomes more common with increasing age. Dr Clare will present an overview of what atrial fibrillation is, possible causes, the risks it may pose, and the treatments that can be offered. He will then focus on the latest research to combat this condition with particular reference to work that is being performed in Christchurch.

Light refreshments will be served   

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