Fundraising ideas

You can fundraise online, through an event or at your workplace. Becoming a fundraiser for the Heart Foundation is easy.

We are a charity with more than 65% of our income received through donations.

We rely on people like you to raise vitals funds through your networks and community. Our supporters get involved for many different reasons.

From being personally affected by heart disease, to looking after their own hearts. Everyone is working towards the same goal - raising awareness of New Zealand’s biggest killer.

Your fundraising will go towards heart health research, cardiac rehabilitation and cardiology training. You can make a real difference to someone’s life so become a hero today.

Heart racers are amazing individuals that take part in a local event while raising vitals funds. We would love for you to join our heart racer team at any of the following events:


Auckland Marathon Wellington Marathon View other events

Women's heart health

Heart disease is the biggest killer of women in New Zealand, claiming more than 3000 of our mothers, sisters, daughters and grandmothers every year. How can we stop it? By funding cutting-edge research into heart disease among women.

The symptoms and outcomes of heart disease can differ between women and men. Yet sadly, women have been under-represented in heart disease studies. That’s resulted in women being diagnosed and treated inappropriately.

We urgently need to fund research that looks specifically at heart disease in Kiwi women. By hosting your own high tea event, you can raise vital funds to support this work. You can play a part in the quest to better understand and treat heart disease – and save lives.

I want to host a high tea

If you have a cool idea for raising money, then you can create your own online fundraising page with our preferred platform:

Everyday hero is really easy to use and you can track everything that you give! From your voice (social posts and shares), to your effort (the time you spend), to the money you raise…it all counts.

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