Run NZ Run

Wear your heart on your sleeve and support the Heart Foundation in the Run NZ Run 31km in 31 days challenge from 1-31 October 2020.

Person tying lace on running shoe

Run NZ Run is a virtual event that aims to have as many people throughout New Zealand running and walking for the benefit of their health, while raising vital funds to support our life-saving work. 

Registration for the event is free and you can support heart research by signing up to Everyday Hero and inviting friends, family, or workmates to sponsor you to complete your 31km in 31 days.  

Whether you walk or run to complete the challenge, it’s a great opportunity to keep fit and healthy and support the Heart Foundation’s work to continue to fund world-class research into heart disease.

How can I take part?

Registration is free and it’s quick and easy to create a fundraising page. Simply register for the event and set up your fundraising page. Then start sharing the link with your friends, family and colleagues and ask them to support you in this challenge by making a donation to your page. 

You can also buy a pair of Heart Foundation sleeves to wear while taking part in the event. A pair of sleeves cost $19.95 and proceeds from the sale supports our work. You may like to write the name of someone you love, whose been affected by heart disease, on the sleeves to help motivate you during the challenge.

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