Supporter updates under Covid-19 Alert Level restrictions

The Heart Foundation Lottery and donor programmes may be impacted by Auckland’s Covid-19 Alert Level restrictions.

Staying safe under the Covid-19 Alert Level restrictions means there may be some temporary changes for our supporters.

  1. Under Alert Level 3, we can send your mail. However, there may be minor delays while we operate mail services in a safe way with our suppliers.

    Thank you for your continued patience while we work through Level 3 requirements.

    If you’d rather receive emails from us, please let us know you’d prefer to be contacted this way and ensure we have your email address. You can reach us in one of the following ways:

    Heart Foundation Lottery supporters:


    Heart Foundation donors:

  2. After a delay during Level 4 lockdown, the Lottery No. 130 prizes have now been drawn.
    Heartfelt thanks to everyone who bought tickets in Lottery No. 130. Your Lottery support, and your patience while the draw was delayed, have been very much appreciated.

    You can check the winning ticket numbers here.

Thank you to our generous donors and Lottery supporters. You’re helping to save lives from heart disease, the single biggest killer of mums, dads, sons and daughters in this country, keeping our families together for longer.

We have prepared some answers to frequently asked questions below. If you require any further information, please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly teams.

Keep safe and thank you for your valued support.

The Heart Foundation Team


Have the Lottery dates changed?

Due to Auckland’s Level 4 lockdown, the Lottery No. 130 draw was completed Thursday 23 September 2021, which differed from the advertised date of Friday 3 September. The draw results can be viewed here.

Lottery No. 131 is open with well over $900,000 in prizes to be won. We don’t currently anticipate any changes to the Lottery No. 131 advertised dates.

Will the Lottery be cancelled?


Lottery No. 131 is underway and we look forward to giving away the keys to the first-prize, fully furnished home in Marlborough, as well as all the other prizes!

Can I still buy Lottery tickets?

Yes, you can buy tickets in Lottery No. 131 online at or by calling us on 0800 750 150 or +64 9 951 5980.

Can I still donate?

Yes, you can donate online or by calling 0800 830 100.

Who can I contact to confirm that my Lottery order has been processed?

Please email or call 0800 750 150 to check your order status.

Who can I contact to confirm that my donation has been processed?

Please email or phone 0800 830 100 to check the status of your donation.

What happens to the Lottery open homes?

The open homes for the first-prize Blenheim property are now underway under Covid-19 Alert Level 2. Please sign or scan in, wear a mask and keep 2 metres away from people outside your bubble if you attend an open home.

The home is open Tuesdays & Fridays 1:30pm – 3pm and Sundays 1 – 3pm, at 14 Rose Manor Drive, Blenheim.

You can also take a video tour.

What are you doing to help family members with heart health issues who are worried about Covid-19?

The Heart Foundation is continuing to support people in our communities who are vulnerable and living with heart conditions. 

We have a dedicated page on our website to offer support, information and up-to-date advice on Covid-19 and heart conditions.

The Heart Foundation also has a heart helpline to offer support and advice. This free, confidential service is available on 0800 863 375 between the hours of 9.00am-5.00pm, Monday to Friday. Our team of nurses have up-to-date information about many different heart conditions, including information on Covid-19 for heart patients.

You can also email us at For other enquiries please see our contact us page.