Get Involved

Whether you are making a financial contribution, donating your time skills or services your support will make a huge difference.


We are a charity and need your help to stop New Zealand's biggest killer, heart disease.

Corporate Support

There are many ways for your business and employees to get involved with us.


We rely on the generous support of kiwis like you, to help us carry out our life-saving work.


Raise funds for the Heart Foundation and help our work. There are lots of ways to get involved.


Courses, classes, seminars, sporting events and much more from the Heart Foundation around New Zealand right here:


The Heart Foundation runs a number of campaigns throughout the year to support various initiatives.

Fundraising pages

Raise money for the Heart Foundation and have fun! Get together with your friends, family, workmates or community and organise a fundraising event

Alumni and Friends

Information for those who have received a research grant or fellowship since 1970, or who have been involved in our research support.

Heart Foundation Lottery

Heart Foundation Lottery No. 98

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