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A doctor taking the blood pressure of the woman, while her husband watches.

Better blood pressure


Monitor and manage blood pressure to reduce your heart disease risk


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Our purpose: to stop all people in New Zealand dying prematurely from heart disease and enable people with heart disease to live full lives

people are living with heart disease

That's more than one in 23 adults [1]

1 in 3
Almost 1 in 3 deaths in NZ are caused by cardiovascular disease

It is the leading cause of death in New Zealand and includes heart, stroke and blood vessel disease [2]

90 mins
Every 90 minutes a New Zealander dies from heart disease

Many of these deaths are premature and preventable [2]

The Heart Foundation has invested into research since 1968

News & Stories

1 May 2024 in Media Releases

Go the distance for Kiwi hearts: MyMarathon

Would you like to challenge yourself to stay active this autumn? Registration is free and now open for MyMarathon.

4 April 2024 in Stories

From heart pain to aeroplane

Born in Dover, England, in 1934, Ian has been on a journey all over the world from Zambia to New Zealand, where he built a life with his beloved wife and their children. At 90, he is now skydiving on his birthday to raise funds for the Heart Foundation.

25 March 2024 in Media Releases

Heart Foundation supports food companies to remove tonnes of sugar from staple low-cost foods

The Heart Foundation’s Food Reformulation programme has had a significant impact on supporting lower sugar levels in a number of everyday, low-cost food items on supermarket shelves. It is estimated that 760 tonnes of sugar per annum have been removed from targeted food categories.