Our mission: to stop all people in New Zealand dying prematurely from heart disease and enable people with heart disease to live full lives

people are living with heart disease

That's one in twenty adults [2]

of deaths annually are caused by cardiovascular disease

It is the leading cause of death in New Zealand and includes heart, stroke and blood vessel disease [1]

90 mins
Every 90 minutes a New Zealander dies from heart disease

Many of these deaths are premature and preventable [1]

Amount the Heart Foundation has donated to research since 1967

News & Stories

28 February 2019 in Media Releases

Heart Foundation ends involvement with aspirin brand

5 April 2019 in Blogs

How does sleep affect your heart?

Many studies have linked poor sleep to an increased risk of heart disease. We look at how sleep and sleep disorders affect your heart health and find out how much sleep is ideal.

17 April 2019 in Stories

CPPN graduate shares nutrition know-how across the Pacific

Last year Froline ‘Flo’ Tokaa graduated from the AUT Certificate of Proficiency in Pacific Nutrition (CPPN) course delivered by Pacific Heartbeat (PHB) in conjunction with Auckland University of Technology (AUT).