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Bequest - a gift in your will

Save lives by setting up a gift in your will for the Heart Foundation. You can help future generations by leaving funds for vital research into heart disease.

See how you could leave a gift in your will, like David Cook, which will go towards saving lives like Sara's.

Whether you have a little or a lot to contribute, it all helps.

By making a will you can ensure your assets go to the people and places that are meaningful for you. If you leave a legacy gift to the Heart Foundation, you can make a long-lasting difference in the lives of our children, grandchildren and every other Kiwi. The Heart Foundation warmly invites you to help eliminate heart disease for future generations by making a bequest:

People who make bequests are just like you - they support the Heart Foundation and have a desire to prevent our loved ones from being taken prematurely by heart disease. Leaving a gift in your will, however big or small, is an exceptional way to save lives. 

Heart disease is a very real threat in New Zealand. It is this country’s single biggest killer, taking more than one of us every 90 minutes.

Your gift will ensure that New Zealanders continue to receive world-class heart health treatment, by funding pivotal research into heart disease. It will also ensure that we can continue to provide crucial cardiology training which leads to better quality of care in our hospitals for our loved ones. You can make a long-lasting difference by downloading our Bequest Brochure.

Most gifts in wills are made to our charity by ordinary, hardworking people like you who want to make a positive difference to their community, and the charities they care about after they’re gone. It's simple and if you let us know that you have done this, we can thank you during your lifetime and keep you up-to-date with our work. A gift in your will can even be anonymous.

You will know, thanks to you the life-saving work of the Heart Foundation will carry on well into the future. 

Read why other Kiwis have made this important decision.

Lawrie Coe – Lawrie has fought a personal battle with heart disease for 30 years and he and his wife have decided to play a part in helping future generations.  Read more about Lawrie's personal battle.

Dorothy Cutts – Former trotting champ, Dorothy tragically lost her father, at only 67, to a heart attack and she wanted to establish a legacy to make sure other families could stay together for longer. Read more about Dorothy's plan.

Elinor Collins – Elinor is an amazing heart event survivor from Gore, who will be helping save lives long after her own has ended. Read more about why Elinor is remembering the Heart Foundation in her will.

We know making or changing a will is one of the most important and personal decisions you will ever make. We simply ask that after you have provided for your family and friends, you consider making a lasting gift to the Heart Foundation and download a Bequest Brochure.

Setting up a gift in your will only takes three steps.

1) Obtain a Bequest Brochure

You can phone or email Matt MacDougall, our Development Fundraising Manager and request a copy of our Bequest Brochure to be posted to you or you can simply download the Bequest Brochure.

2) Suggested wording to include

When referring to the Heart Foundation use our official charity name 'The National Heart Foundation of New Zealand'. You will also need to include our official charity number. The Heart Foundation is a registered charity (CC23052) under the Charities Act 2005.

If you choose to leave the Heart Foundation a gift in your will, the following wording is suggested: "I give to The National Heart Foundation of New Zealand the sum of $___ (or a percentage, or the residue of my Estate, or a description of the property or asset given) for its general purposes and declare that the receipt of the Executive Director of the Foundation or other proper officer shall be sufficient discharge for my Trustee".

3) Have a chat to your family and solicitor

We strongly recommend that you discuss your plans with your immediate family, and seek advice from a legal advisor or trustee company when arranging your will.

Your gift, through your estate, will have a tangible impact on the lives of others in your community.

Talk to our team

If you have questions about leaving a gift in your will and would like to chat with someone, please call our legacy team. We are available to answer any questions you or your family members may have. We will listen to your plans and provide additional information.  You can call us, fill out our form, or you can download a Bequest Brochure.

We are happy to supply the Heart Foundation's Legacies Account bank details on request.

Without you, we simply can not keep working to improve heart health in this country. Please take our bequest information brochure along to your legal advisor and your gift will guarantee the best treatment and care possible for our loved ones, long into the future. Thank you.

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