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Heart valve problems, Rheumatic fever and heart disease

Heart disease "runs rampant" through Peter's family. He's encouraging people talk openly about ...

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Aylene cared for her brother Jason during his final journey with heart disease. She opened her home ...

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Arrhythmia, Cardiac arrest, Cardiomyopathy

There's no doubt Ash's two cardiac arrests were life-changing events. But it was the anxiety that ...

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Heart attack

Gordon had been having chest pains for months, but he ignored them, assuming he'd be alright. Since ...

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Cardiac arrest, Heart attack, High blood pressure, High cholesterol

After a heart attack and cardiac arrest, Steve knows he's lucky to be here. Since then he's lost 20 ...

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Angina, Heart attack, High blood pressure

Reflecting on his heart attack, Trent realises how subtle signs and symptoms can be. Now he's doing ...

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Nic's life was thrown into turmoil when she was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2005. During ...

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Aortic aneurysm, Aortic dissection

'Aortic dissection' became a well-known term for Janine in 2013 when she experienced the first of ...

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Angina, Heart attack, High blood pressure

It was more than a month before Nalda found out that the severe breathlessness she’d had one night...

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Arrhythmia, Congenital heart disease

Born with a rare congenital heart condition, doctors didn't think Emma-Kate would survive into ...

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Aortic aneurysm

When Margaret suffered a ruptured aortic aneurysm in a small town on the East Cape, she had to be ...

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Cardiac arrest, Heart valve problems

Kate was visiting her newborn daughter in hospital when she felt pain in her chest and collapsed. ...

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