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What is Journeys?

Real people share their stories of heart disease in their own words.

DJ Sela Alo introduces the Journeys website

The Journeys programme is a collection of heart health stories told by real people in their own words. 

It was launched in response to feedback from hundreds of people who opened up about the loneliness and isolation felt by those impacted by heart disease.

The programme combines four key elements designed to help people in different ways:

  • Telling your story provides the opportunity to reflect on your experience with someone other than your friends or family.
  • Having your story published helps you and others feel less alone. It’s an opportunity to share practical information, support and lessons you’ve learned.
  • Having people comment on your story opens lines of communication between you and others who have been through something similar.
  • Reading other Journeys stories facilitates the sharing of lived experience, as well as practical support and information.

People across New Zealand, from bus drivers to chief executives and DJs to doctors, have shared their journeys with heart disease – even former Prime Minister Dame Jenny Shipley.

Journeys is real people telling real stories. It is not intended to be best-practice medical advice, instead it humanises heart disease. Accordingly, the views expressed in the stories are those of the storyteller and may not necessarily reflect those of the Heart Foundation.

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