Erina Korohina

Kaupapa Māori action research

A new research project will support Māori communities to lead nutrition initiatives.

Erina Korohina's fellowship will review different sources of nutrition information that includes Western science, mātauranga (knowledge) Māori and social media.

"We are seeking to co-create and co-design a nutrition platform for Māori heart health that is responsive, informed, and relevant to Māori communities." says Erina.

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Premature babies' heart disease risk

What's the link between premature birth and heart disease?

Dr Sarah Harris' research on the topic could change New Zealand's guidelines for cardiovascular screening for mothers and babies.

"Our aim is to ensure that premature birth does not lead to a premature death later in life in these children or their mums." says Dr Harris.

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Sarah Harris

Edeltraud scnick

Grass-roots level heart disease prevention

Edel Schick is the first to receive a new grant for New Zealand nurses.

The grant will support her to complete a master’s degree in the field of cardiovascular disease.

"I can make a difference by educating patients about prevention of heart disease." says Edel.

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