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Heart attack sparks new attitude to life

When first diagnosed with heart disease, Chess struggled with denial. She has been through stages of grief, but is now facing her new reality with optimism.

Chess explains how her heart attack has affected her life

Chess doesn't remember much about her initial diagnosis of heart disease - she was aware of it, acknowledged it, but pushed it to the side in denial. 

After having a stent put in her heart, Chess says she lingered in anger and resentment as she had to give up smoking against her will. It's taken almost two years for Chess to reach a stage where she now looks at life with optimism rather than fear. 

"It's about taking responsibility, figuring out what it is that I want... I don't care what people think of me any more... I've got a life to live. I had a heart attack!" 

Chess has dyed her hair purple, she's just changed her job, and has moved house. She's now seriously thinking about moving overseas for a few years, before coming back to New Zealand.  

"It's something I've always wanted to do, but never did.

"That's what I want to concentrate on. What brings me joy, what makes me happy."


Shared May 2017

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