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New 'Healthy Heart' visual food guide

Remember the old food pyramid?  Well, here's our fresh new take on it - the Healthy Heart visual food guide.



About the 'Healthy Heart'

The Healthy Heart is a simple tool for you to use that shows heart-healthy proportions of foods to eat over a day.  Stick it on the fridge, use it to guide what you put in your shopping trolley, or the meals you make.


Link to Healthy Heart meal planner app

Your 'Healthy Heart' meal planner app

The 'Healthy Heart' app lets you choose dishes to have over a day or week, and then shows how your choices compare to the 'Healthy Heart'.  The recipes and shopping list help take the stress out of planning meals.  Better still, you have the assurance of knowing you're giving your family heart healthy, balanced meals. [To use the app, please use a browser other than IE8]

Next steps

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