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As a member of the Heart Foundation's Foundation100, your donation goes much further through the power of collective giving.

Gerry Devlin

Welcome from the Medical Director

"I'm proud to welcome you to Foundation100, the first initiative of its kind in New Zealand.

Foundation100 is a powerful philanthropic movement which aims to discover and nurture the future leaders of heart health by funding innovative fellowships to provide New Zealanders with world-class cardiac care.

The coming together of Heart Foundation alumni will make a profound difference to cardiovascular research and training relevant to New Zealand’s needs.

By joining Foundation100, you have become a partner in a significant movement that will change the future for New Zealanders with heart disease."

Heart Foundation Medical Director, Associate Professor Gerry Devlin

Welcome from the former Medical Director

An initiative which will enhance the heart health prospects of all New Zealanders.

Our goal is to work together to provide the support and funding for New Zealand’s future leaders of heart health.

The Heart Foundation's support of fellowships and research projects has contributed greatly to New Zealand’s present standard of cardiac care. But cardiovascular disease is still the number-one cause of death in New Zealand, so we need to be visionary, innovative and adaptable with future investment to guarantee continuous improvement.

You are an integral part of this new initiative to ensure we can maintain world-class cardiac care by supporting fellowships for the next generation.

Emeritus Professor Norman Sharpe

Norman Sharpe

About Foundation100

Researcher looking into a microscope


Foundation100 brings together an extraordinary group of people creating extraordinary change – for everyday New Zealanders.

Its members are Heart Foundation alumni with a shared passion: to make a profound difference to cardiovascular research and training in New Zealand.

They fund fellowships for the next generation of change-makers, helping to discover and support the future leaders of heart health.

Together, they are creating a future where New Zealanders no longer die prematurely from heart disease.

A watershed moment in heart health

We have the chance to be the generation that stops heart disease from being the single biggest killer of New Zealanders.

With concerted effort and a united focus, we can change the lives of generations to come.

But we need to be visionary, innovative and committed to future investment. We know that fellowships, research and training work. 

We know they help reduce deaths and create breakthroughs.

In New Zealand, we have seen a 75% decrease in the rate of heart disease deaths since the Heart Foundation began in 1968 (Ministry of Health Mortality Collection. Mortality: Historical Summary 1948–2015).

We also know that right now, there’s potential for greater advances than ever before thanks to new developments. Yet each year, the Heart Foundation has to deny too many applications for funding.

That’s why Foundation100 was created. To raise funds for Heart Foundation alumni fellowships which will reveal the future leaders and innovators in cardiovascular health.

We come together with one shared purpose: to put an end to premature death by heart disease. Together, we can find the next great visionary in cardiology. We can forge new discoveries, and transform the health of future generations.

Your commitment

When you join Foundation100, you commit to providing a financial gift each year with a pledge of three years. This shows your commitment to fighting New Zealand’s single biggest killer.

In so doing, you become a champion of heart health; a partner in a powerful movement that will change the future for New Zealanders with heart disease. 

Our commitment to you

You will be an integral part of a new fundraising initiative to ensure we can maintain world-class cardiac research.

Foundation100 donations will be directed specifically to support fellowships for the next generation of future innovators and heart health leaders.

We will report back to you regularly and clearly on the funding, and we will provide updates on the impact you are making.

We are in this together.

We can help more people like Maggie

Research gave Maggie a second chance at life.

Following her unexpected heart attack and a series of major complications, Maggie was given a second chance thanks to pioneering research funded by the Heart Foundation.

This research means that ACE inhibitors are now standard practice for heart attack treatment throughout the world.

Maggie is now determined to stop heart disease from taking the life she loves – and the things she loves doing.

Foundation100 fellowships will help more people like Maggie.


How to get in touch

Got a question? Get in touch with Jaimi Fraser for support.

Jaimi is the Philanthropy and Partnerships Manager and is focused on growing the Foundation100 programme with your continued support. “The best part of my role is building enduring relationships with people who seek to fulfil making heart health in Aotearoa better for all people in New Zealand”. 

Jaimi is very happy for you to contact her at or call on 021 342 033.

Frequently asked questions

Overarching objectives

Providing additional fellowships

The Heart Foundation recognises the immense value that fellowships for overseas research and training have made in improving heart health. We want to expand and extend the number of fellowships that are offered to quality applicants to enable further advancement of cardiac services within New Zealand.

More funding

These fellowships will be in addition to the current suite of Heart Foundation Research, Overseas, and Senior Fellowships.

Identifying and supporting future leaders

We want to stop heart disease from taking the people we love, and we see support for the next generation’s innovators and future leaders as vital to seamless progression.


What is Foundation100 about?

In the past, overseas training fellowships have, perhaps more than any other factor determined New Zealand's present standards of cardiac care. But for the next generation, we need to be visionary, innovative and committed to future investment. The Heart Foundation knows that to improve heart health for all New Zealanders by supporting the progression of future leaders in cardiac care and research, the number and type of fellowships need to expand.

What is the budget?

We want to raise $100,000 in the first year, so we are grant-ready to fund the first alumni fellowship in the 2021 round of applications. The combined alumni support will enable this fund to rise to an annual total of $300,000 over time.

Who is behind the concept?

The Heart Foundation is mindful of the need to extend sustainable funding. The current and former Medical Directors plus other members of the Development Committee view the launch of Foundation100 as a fundamental step towards advancing the skills and knowledge of practitioners working in cardiac care.


What do I get when I become a member?

When you agree to support Foundation100, you will be welcomed with a certificate and a discrete Foundation100 pin. Alumni will be provided with a link to access a non-public-facing webpage specifically developed for Foundation100 members. The Heart Foundation team will ensure milestones and successes are communicated with alumni, posting regular updates online and corresponding through notifications about three times annually.

All members of Foundation100 will be recognised on the Heart Foundation website as well as in the Heart Foundation Annual Review for the duration of their pledge. We will of course respect any member’s privacy if they prefer not to be publicly acknowledged.

How long is my membership valid?

Our goal is that alumni will see the impact of their donations and they will continue to support and make a difference. Whether or not they extend their 3-year pledge, alumni members will retain ongoing access to the website and be included in notifications and celebrations of successes.

Fund management

How will my donations towards Foundation100 be managed?

All Foundation100 donations will be processed, receipted and allocated to the appropriate fund. Heart Foundation finances are managed conservatively and are independently audited each year.

What are the Scientific Advisory Group criteria for Foundation100?

Foundation100 supports the next generation of heart health leaders by funding innovative alumni fellowships by:

  • funding innovative alumni fellowships
  • focusing on the transition of early career researchers who have an established track record
  • emphasising novel endeavours and innovation likely to impact the heart health of New Zealanders

The fellowships are:

  • an annual award on the Heart Foundation Research Grants portal
  • awarded by the Scientific Advisory Group at their annual meeting in August
  • funded for up to three years
  • scored on:
  • clinical and academic record
  • interests and achievements to date
  • scientific merit and relevance of proposed work
  • institutional support
  • independent reviewer, plus nominated reviewer, feedback.
Will my donations include administration fees?

The Heart Foundation, like other charities, has a component of organisational cost in their budgets. However, Foundation100 is a novel venture and our commitment to its success means that 100% of every donation to the Foundation100 alumni fund will be allocated to future fellowships.


Will I receive a tax receipt?

Absolutely. Every donation to the Heart Foundation is receipted for tax purposes. This means that if you choose to donate $10,000 to Foundation100 annually, you can claim back one-third of it, so the true cost becomes $6,666. Or, if you choose to donate $5,000 your tax rebate is $1,666 and the true cost of your annual donation is $3,333. Some supporters also choose to donate their tax savings back to the Heart Foundation.

How will Foundation100's income be managed?

All donations to the Heart Foundation are recorded in our financial systems, receipted and allocated to the appropriate fund. Foundation100 donations are ring-fenced and will only be awarded for Foundation100 fellowships. Milestones and successes will be communicated with alumni for full transparency.

Why do I need to fill in the Gift Agreement?

The Gift Agreement is an acknowledgement of your pledge to support Foundation100 for three years. This helps ensure alumni fellowships can be advertised in the 2021 grant round as well as provide surety and confidence in the planning for future fellowships. If you wish, we can arrange for you to automatically receive a reminder for the anniversary of your 2nd and 3rd years.

Outcomes and impact

How will I know my donation is making a difference?

We aim to be grant-ready for the 2021 grant round. This means that the first alumni fellowship will be available within nine months of the launch of Foundation100. All fellowship recipients will be required to report back on their activities and outcomes so we can provide regular reporting and updates and you can measure the impact of your success.

Are you looking at communication?

The Heart Foundation website has a specific page for alumni. As a member of Foundation100, you will be provided with a link to allow access at any time that works for you.

Will I receive reports and updates from recipients?

The Heart Foundation will notify you by email when new content is available on the members’ page.

Ongoing membership

Should I expect regular correspondence?

Sometimes we will post personal mail or send an alert email to view something new on the dedicated members' webpage.


Foundation100 will be featured in the Heart Foundation Annual Review 2021. All members will be offered the opportunity to be listed in the review. We want to acknowledge you appropriately whilst respecting your privacy wishes; you may of course choose to remain anonymous.

From time to time the Heart Foundation may host an event and members of Foundation100 will be invited. 

Can I download the gift agreement?

You can download a PDF version of the gift agreement here:

Foundation100 Gift Agreement