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What is Heart Help Live?

In February 2023, the Heart Foundation launched the Heart Help Live series -- an online Facebook Live event featuring all the latest heart advice.

The sessions run for around 45 minutes, beginning with a live presentation from experts followed by a Q&A session answering questions from the audience. 

The series is all about offering accessible online support connecting you with a range of experts and allowing you to pick their brains. Find our next Heart Help Live session by following us on Facebook and going to the 'Events'

Below you can watch videos of the previous sessions. 

The topics that have so for been covered so far include:

  • Top heart questions answered
  • Living with heart failure
  • Heart-healthy eating
  • Long Covid and the heart
  • Women’s heart journeys
  • Sleep, stress and social connection

View videos of our past Heart Help Live sessions

Navigating exercise after a heart event or diagnosis

Clinical Exercise Physiologists Eleanor Natrass and Ellie Rickman and our Heart Nurse Jane Liggins come together to discuss exercising after a heart event or heart condition diagnosis. 

It’s important to note this session isn’t intended as a substitute for professional medical advice, so keep your doctor or cardiologist informed about returning to exercise.

Sleep, stress, and social connection for a healthier heart

Dr Taisia Cech and Dr Marissa Kelaher and our Heart Health Advocate, Jenifer Lean, come together to discuss how stress, sleep, and social connection impacts heart health. 

Living with heart failure - how medications can improve your quality of life

Heart Foundation Medical Director, Dr Gerry Devlin, and our Heart Nurse, Jane Liggins, come together to discuss living well with heart failure, particularly how medications can improve your quality of life.

Three women share their heart journeys

Three women share their personal stories and insights on living well with a heart condition to highlight women’s heart health.