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Heart Foundation researchers making heart symbol

Our research Heart Heroes

Heart Foundation researchers are committed to improving heart health of Kiwis, that's why they're Heart Heroes.

Here's one example of a research project your generous donations have funded.

Corina Grey and Associate Professor Matire Harwood’s research project will tackle inequities in health outcomes from cardiovascular disease amongst Maori and Pacific people.

The research has the potential to pave the way for reducing barriers to access of medical treatment for other conditions such as diabetes in the future.

Our nutrition Heart Hero

In a world full of nutrition advice it's easy to get confused about what's healthy and what's not.

That's why our Nutrition team are here - to help make healthy eating simpler for everyone.

One person cutting through the clutter of nutrition advice is our National Nutrition Advisor, Lily Henderson. Lily is a registered dietitian who is committed to spreading the message about heart-healthy eating. You'll find her blogposts on our website where she investigates hot nutrition topics and provides tips to make healthy eating easy.

Lily is a Heart Hero because she helps people make healthy choices to take care of their hearts.

Sue Bielby

Our supporter Heart Hero

Long-time Lottery supporter, Sue Bielby, has been supporting the Heart Foundation since 1997.

The Auckland GP started buying tickets when she was at medical school and says she is always so impressed with the quality of the organisation and the research it supported.

“The research the Heart Foundation does makes such a real and meaningful difference to people’s lives, it reaches so many people.”

The Heart Foundation funds life-saving research and couldn’t do this without the generous support of Heart Heroes like Sue.

Our survivor Heart Hero

Marty’s a Heart Hero because his heart condition has inspired him to live life to the full.

Marty has refused to be defined by his congenital heart conditions, and his open heart surgeries. His life-long heart conditions have hugely influenced his outlook on life, inspiring him to make heart-healthy choices.

"I’ve made really healthy decisions because I have an existing heart condition, and it impacts the way you look at the world."

Marty Heart Hero