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From hospital bed to podium

What started as the road to recovery after a heart attack and bypass surgery, became a journey that took Peter all the way to the NZ cycling championships and an age-group world record.

10 years ago, Peter had no reason to think he was a likely candidate for heart disease. At 78, he still worked on his Invercargill deer farm and kept fit with local cycling and running clubs. He was a non-smoker, with no symptoms or family history of heart disease.

So when the heart attack came it was a complete surprise.

“It was quite sudden. I’d just come inside after drilling a post hole out in the paddock,” Peter recalls. “I was relaxing sitting in the chair and my daughter comes in and says, ‘Dad you don’t look very well.’ And I stood up and I collapsed – just like that. That was my heart attack.”

Once the ambulance had made it out to the farm, the paramedics carried out an ECG and then took Peter straight to Southland Hospital where it was confirmed he’d had a heart attack.

A few months later he had an angiogram at Dunedin hospital which showed that Peter needed coronary artery bypass graft surgery. Four months after that he returned to Dunedin hospital for a triple bypass.

Recovering after bypass surgery

After surgery, Peter approached his recovery with typical determination. Even so, he was nervous when starting to exercise again, despite his good physical fitness in the lead up to the event.

“The first six weeks you are a bit cautious because you are not quite sure what will happen to you,” he says. “But it was all good and I was determined to come right and remain positive. So, I did a lot of walking after the initial operation and I went out every day – at a leisurely pace, obviously.”

As he was walking on his own, Peter found it reassuring to know that other people were looking out for him.

“I have neighbours to keep an eye on me while I was walking. It is quite good when you are in the country, people are aware of you and when you walk past people wave and check you out.”

Back on the bike

As his recovery progressed, Peter decided to get back on his bike. “I pedaled slowly and gradually built up fitness until I got my confidence back.”

As his fitness improved, he started doing some laps at the Invercargill Velodrome, where he caught the attention of a local cycling coach.

“I was fortunate at the time because they had an Olympic coach down there at the velodrome. He was a coach for the para-olympic team and he took an interest in me and asked if he could give me a bit of coaching. He just wanted to know what an old fellow could do.”

As it turned out the “old fellow” could do quite a lot.

Cycling hobby becomes a passion

With the help of his coach, Peter soon started competing in cycling events and has gone on to win numerous gold medals at New Zealand championships. He has competed in international events and in 2016 he achieved a world record for greatest distance covered in an hour in the 80-84 age-group.

“I went to the World Masters Games in 2017 and because I was the only entrant in my age group I had to ride with the younger ones which was quite good.” He came home with four gold medals, and four New Zealand age-group records.

He’s also taken part in a number of endurance events on the road, including the Heart Foundation’s former Great Southern Cycle Challenge.

Now 88, Peter has no plans to put his bike away any time soon.

“I think biking is good for endurance. On a good week I probably do about 200 kms on the road. I’ve not got nothing else much more to do now and I’d like to be a Heart Foundation Heart Racer again sometime soon.”

Getting your confidence back

Peter’s main message to others recovering from a heart attack is that the best way to regain your confidence is to get out there and give things a go.

“You haven’t got the confidence to begin with, but if you don’t get out there you are not going to improve,” he says. “So, you got to get up and try and not be concerned that something may go wrong. Keep going, do it gradually, and then you will regain your confidence.”


Shared July 2019

Please note: the views and opinions of the storyteller and related comments may not necessarily reflect those of the Heart Foundation NZ.

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  • Shirley 6 February 2020

    What an inspiration!!! If only I could get my husband on a bike he had a terrible, memorable close encounter with a bike seat and won’t entertain the idea of getting back on a bike.
    Good luck and continued good health.

  • Diane 13 August 2019

    I’m gobsmacked to be honest. That is so fantastic!! You are a great role model. My brother has had a heart attack so I will be printing this story off for him. Thank you for sharing.

  • Faye 13 August 2019

    YES, an inspiration, for me, as I need to get back on my bike, even if it is ‘electric’, the misconception for the e-bikes, is that you do have to cycle most of the time - it is just the hills??

  • Steve 4 August 2019

    Congratulations Peter very inspiring story. I too want to get back on my bike (mountain) in my case thanks for the inspiration.

  • Yvette 25 July 2019

    Congratulations on your awesome achievements Peter.  This is an inspiring story, good on you!