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Heart attack, whole new learning curve

On the 27th of January Don woke in the night with chest pains. A doctor’s appointment the next morning saw him rushed to Whangarei Hospital where it was confirmed he’d had a heart attack.

Five days later he was transferred to Auckland Hospital where he had two stents placed in his main coronary artery. While recovering, he decided to write a poem to capture his experience.

"I was sitting all dressed waiting for the discharge papers to be processed and thinking about the whole episode and what I could learn from it when the first line came to mind, and it went from there,” he says. “I am not a poet but I am a great believer in the synchronicity of life. Worrying things may happen but good can come, you just have to believe, look and expect.” 

Hoot 'n a Holler

Am I a good scholar?

Don’t know what’s ahead

But I certainly won’t bother


I’ve learned a lot

Inside of work hours

But now is the time

To smell all the flowers


Not flying to Oz

So where will I be

Probably hangin’

With Mudgerry B


With my stents and my strengths

I’m ready for all

The bumps on the journey

Are just like a school


He steadies the boat

When it rocks and it rolls

I’m loving the ride

As I head for the goals


So whatever's ahead

Be it big or be small

I'll laugh and I’ll shout

Like I’m just outta school


So TallyHo now! 

Out of hospital today

I’ll sing and I’ll dance

While enjoying the play


Steady old fella

Don’t be kidding yourself

Take it easy, slow down

You’re not Superman now


You’re right of course

I’m not out of school

If I thought I’d stopped learning

I’d think like a fool


Okay you’re right

I won’t rush to the fights

But I'll smile and grin

As I cruise through the nights


It only gets dark

So I can see all the stars.


Shared March 2017

Please note: the views and opinions of the storyteller and related comments may not necessarily reflect those of the Heart Foundation NZ.

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