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Cardiac arrest, Heart attack, High blood pressure, High cholesterol

After a heart attack and cardiac arrest, Steve knows he’s lucky to be here. Since then he’s lost...

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Angina, Heart valve problems, High cholesterol

Even though David’s family has a history of heart attacks, it took him three months to visit the ...

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Atrial fibrillation, High blood pressure, High cholesterol

When Shirley first noticed breathlessness walking up a hill, she assumed it was a result of her ...

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Angina, High cholesterol

A physically active, thin, 47-year-old, Cran never dreamed he could be a candidate for heart ...

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As an active 45-year-old farmer, it was unusual for Scott to feel so tired and unmotivated. It took ...

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Heart valve problems, Rheumatic fever and heart disease

“Life can be good again,” says Ruth, a critical care nurse who learned about the far-reaching ...

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For someone who doesn’t like to sit still, recovering from open heart surgery posed a particular ...

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Congenital heart disease, Heart valve problems, High cholesterol

Judy wasn’t worried about her aortic valve replacement – it wasn’t an uncommon operation and ...

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Angina, Carer’s story, Heart attack, High cholesterol

Unlike his father who died suddenly of a heart attack at 54, Lyall was given a second chance....

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High blood pressure

When Bryan went to hospital for a stress test, concerned staff wouldn’t let him leave again. Here ...

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