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School children queuing at canteen for healthy food

What is Fresh Made?

Fresh Made is a service here to help you provide healthy food to children.

Our resources include sample menus, tips on how to make changes and ideas for recipes. We can provide tailored nutritional support for your food service. 

Browse our resources

Our resources help food preparers create healthy, nutritious food for schools and early learning services.

Take a look at the free resources available or get in contact to find out how we can work together.

For resources to help with in-class education, check out our teaching resources.

Children queuing in school canteen

Healthy school canteen food on a plate

View our healthy recipes

Our range of healthy recipes have been designed for school canteens and early learning services.

We have lots of tasty, simple, affordable heart-healthy recipes designed with kids in mind - they'll love them.

Tips to refresh your menu

Our useful tips make it easier to provide healthier food at your school or early learning service.

From menu planning to promotion ideas, you'll find the support and resources you need, to make the right choices.

Blank note book surrounded by vegetables on a table

Got a Fresh Made question? Contact us.