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Sione's journey

Sione Faumuina reflects on his journey post Kiwis and NRL, sharing the challenges of staying fit after retiring and having a young family. He opens up about the struggle of mindset and cherishing childhood meal flavours while opting for heart healthy alternatives with familiar tastes.

Learn how small changes can make a big difference. 

Cooking healthier Pasifika food

Sione and his mum, Va’aomālō Christina Faumuina, show us how they cook Pisupo/Corned Beef and rice, a popular Pasifika dish. It's a quick and easy meal to prepare and you can make it nutritious and heart healthy by adding seasonal or frozen vegetables and draining the fat.


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Overcoming challenges

Sione’s Mum, Va’aomālō Christina Faumuina, shares her inspiring journey of overcoming health challenges. Despite a knee injury and weight gain, she has made small changes like water walking. Christina focuses on mindful eating and low-impact activity. Her message is - never give up!


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Easy tips on portion sizes

Learn how Sione's mum manages portion sizes for balanced eating. Discover helpful tips on food moderation and start making small changes today for a heart healthy lifestyle. Check out our guide to working out portion sizes


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About Pacific Heartbeat

Learn more about our Pacific Heartbeat services. We offer nutrition courses and advice on heart health. We also provide cultural support for those who work with Pacific communities.


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