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Government’s walk back on policies to achieve smokefree goals hugely disappointing

The Heart Foundation is very disappointed the new government is planning to repeal New Zealand’s world-leading policies to end smoked tobacco in New Zealand. This will likely prolong the impact smoked tobacco is having on premature illness and deaths in New Zealand. 

Smoking causes damage throughout the body and is the biggest risk for heart disease, heart attack or stroke. Stopping smoking has benefits to almost every aspect of your health, including your heart, lungs, oral health, bones and skin. 
Daily smoking rates have declined to 8% of all adults in 2022 from 12% in 2020. Tobacco smoking causes the early deaths of nearly 5,000 New Zealanders every year and there is an urgent need to have steps in place to reduce this further.
New Zealand has a world-leading goal to be smokefree by 2025 and it seems a hugely backward step to threaten the progress that has been made to reduce smoking rates which positively impact the heart health of New Zealanders.