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Lindo Williams Bequest - Heart Foundation Statement

With regards to the bequest from Lindo Williams, we at the Heart Foundation are concerned that our approach has been misinterpreted as a desire to secure more funds than Mr Williams intended to donate to the Heart Foundation.

When Mr Williams died he left a signed will. His lawyers had also prepared an incomplete, unsigned document which was marked as a draft.  

As the article notes “Wills need to be signed and properly witnessed to be valid …” and the Wills Act allows the High Court to validate unsigned documents in some circumstances.

After further evidence became available the Heart Foundation agreed to validation by the Court of the unsigned draft document, without the need for a defended hearing in Court.

We could not be more grateful for concerned Kiwis like Mr Williams who make such a difference to the work we do. Too many people are dying prematurely, are needlessly at risk, and are suffering from preventable heart disease.

Since the Heart Foundation began, heart-related deaths have been reduced by 75% in New Zealand. However, heart disease is still our single biggest killer, claiming 6000 lives every year. Our mission serves to curb this devastating statistic and Mr Williams generous legacy will be put to great use funding research and providing training for cardiologists. 

- Tony Duncan Heart Foundation Chief Executive