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A family of chain breakers

One Auckland family is so passionate about health and fitness that they’ve taken their backyard workouts to the wider community. They’re even adding nutrition to the mix.

For the Lilo’s, staying fit and healthy is a family passion. 

Natasha (mum), Joshua (dad), Laelani (daughter), and Uncle David, had all been part of health and fitness groups over the years so they started working out together in their Mangere backyard. 

But they soon decided it was time to reach the community so began running free sessions called Fit Club at Mangere East Rugby League Club Park. 

“We work well together, keeping the motivation and confidence up to go out there and train others,” says Natasha. 

“Our classes are a real mixture. In summer we run a session that we call ‘Bro Repairs’, where different sized tyres are used throughout the workout. Joshua is currently leading a new training called ZUU but we also do boxfit, body workouts and our favourite, Tabata-style workouts.” 

One thing that makes Fit Club different to many gyms is the family-friendly environment. 

“We have our own children attend with us, including our youngest who is aged just four, and that makes others feel like bringing their own kids along too,” says Natasha, who shares six children with Joshua.

Natasha says the Lilo’s have built a strong relationship with their local community and that their free training sessions have turned neighbours into friends. 

“We have really neat people joining us which makes it easier. I can see real potential for some of our dedicated regulars to go on and become trainers.” 

However, it’s not just about flipping tyres and punching bags; the Lilos are also keen to start sharing their knowledge of healthy eating. 

At the Heart Foundation, we were honoured to meet the Lilo family when Natasha, Joshua, Laelani and David recently attended our Certificate in Pacific Nutrition (CPN) course. 

The four came along because they felt a strong need to increase their nutrition knowledge.

“We believe a healthy, active lifestyle is about 80% nutrition and 20% exercise,” Natasha says. 

After taking part in our CPN, the family members are now looking forward to incorporating nutrition information into their programme. As winter sets in, Fit Club will head indoors to a local community hall, where it will be much easier to hold basic nutrition classes. 

“We especially want to support our Pacific and Maori communities to fight against the ongoing battle of obesity-related health issues,” Natasha explains.  

“We believe we are the generation of chain breakers, family by family. We aim to help our people lead healthy and active lifestyles.”

Thank you to the Lilo’s for sharing their inspiring story about making a real difference in the community. 

To learn more about their FREE classes, contact Natasha on 0211663636 or Joshua on 0211040382 (txt FIT CLUB) and check them out on Facebook.

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