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Believing in myself

Eseta’s second blog continues to follow her journey towards running the New York marathon later this year. She shares how she stays motivated and focused on training.

It’s now 12 months since I started my journey and I have my nutrition down pat. I am consistently attending boot camp 6-7 days a week and I’ve found a reason to stay focussed. All of these have contributed to my 19kg weight loss and where I’m at today.

The main thing that keeps me focused on training so hard is my new grandson Luka. To see and feel the changes I have made in terms of weight loss, toning, getting fit and strong, energy levels and quality sleep means that I’m going to be around a lot longer for him.

My motivation stems from the comradery that has been formed with my fellow runners who are also heading to New York. They are a wonderful group who have supported me so much. They include: Frances Wihongi; Liam Harrison; Mele Siaosi; Brenden Skipper; Jacinta Matisi; Juliet Ware and Rebecca Scott.

I also credit my trainer Doug Healy for helping me to turn things round. This man doesn’t charge but pays it forward. With his continued patience and commitment, he has taught me that the hardest thing is simply turning up.

There have been times when I have thought it’s too hard, however, fear has kept me going. I was scared to turn up and scared to stay away.  For the first seven months, I found every session hard. I couldn’t correct my breathing, the pace seemed to get faster, I always felt fatigued and every day my body ached. 

Then one 5am morning run in September 2015, Doug dropped me and five others off at the base of a steep incline road and said: “Set the pace Eseta”. 

Each time I stopped to catch my breath I could hear: “Keep running Eseta”.

“OK,” was all I could utter.
Before I knew it, I’d reached the top and was running in rhythm with the group on the decline - that was the turning point. I suddenly realised that if Doug can believe in me then I can believe in myself.

My training schedule is pretty full on now, but the big test will be on 30 April when I will run my first full marathon in Rotorua. 

Watch this space!