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Cardiac nurse inspired to run for charity

As a nurse in a cardiac ward, Zoe Gordon is already helping the fight against heart disease. But this month, she’s taking her support to another level.

The 22-year-old is raising money for the Heart Foundation by running as a Heart Racer in the Cigna Achilles Half Marathon on Sunday, February 21.

Zoe says her work as a nurse inspired her to take on the challenge. 

“I see the forefront of heart disease every day, and the way it affects patients and their families is disheartening.”

The Newtown resident, who works in Wellington Hospital, hopes her hard work training for the race will inspire more donations to the cause. 

“I chose to support the Heart Foundation partly because of where I work, but also because I wanted to help remind New Zealanders how common heart disease is and that it’s one of the country’s biggest killers.”

She also hopes her efforts will encourage others to care for their hearts.

“It would be great to get people to think about it and make a change if they need to – to prevent heart disease before they need medication and end up in hospital.”

As a nurse, Zoe says she sees many people having to live with heart disease – but many more miss the chance to get help for their condition by ignoring symptoms or waiting too long to get help.

“Sadly, I only see the people who are fortunate enough to make it to hospital and receive treatment.”

Zoe’s race takes place during the Heart Foundation’s 2016 Annual Appeal, which runs until the end of February.

Money raised will help the Heart Foundation continue its work funding vital research, promoting heart-healthy lifestyles and advancing cardiac care in New Zealand.