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Hope for the future

As a man who has experienced the heart break that heart disease can bring upon a family, Milton has made it his mission to give hope to future generations, so they might not have to experience the same loss.

Milton leaves the Heart Foundation a bequest

Three of Milton’s uncles died of heart disease including one aged just 34. His own brother also suffered from a series of ‘silent heart attacks’ before passing away from a stroke and subsequent heart attack. Knowing his family history, Milton also has to watch his own heart health and manage his high blood pressure.

He grew up in Papatoetoe, Auckland and his family would often holiday in Port Waikato where he was a keen flounder fisherman at the rugged west coast’s Sunset Beach.

Having worked in accounts, payroll and HR for New Zealand railways for 31 years, he would get around by train to work and on holiday. He remembers it taking 16 hours to travel by train from Auckland to Wellington.

Now retired, the 73-year-old spends his days in a quiet town on the south side of the Waikato with his 15-year-old cat ‘Tiger’ who turned up out of nowhere as a stray kitten. Milton fed her and “then she was here for good”.

Supporting the Heart Foundation

He has been quietly supporting the Heart Foundation for the past seven years but wanted to make a more meaningful impact on New Zealand’s single biggest killer. To give back to both the community and the Heart Foundation, Milton felt it was only natural to leave a gift in his will to the charity.

“I know that the Heart Foundation uses the funds from bequests to improve heart health in this country,” says Milton.

“They are trying to find the answers to prevent and treat many heart conditions.

It would be great to think that other families in the future have a chance to spend more time together,” he says.

“In the meantime I plan to keep on giving, God willing, for as long as I can.”

For more information about leaving a gift to the Heart Foundation in your will, contact Matt MacDougall, Development Fundraising Manager through email or call 09 571 4761.

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