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Mike Pero – Good for another 50 years

Christchurch businessman Mike Pero does everything he can to stay healthy but one risk factor he can’t control is his ethnicity.   

“I’m not overweight, I exercise five to ten hours a week on average, watch my diet and I consider myself fit and well.”

Mike Pero has always been conscious about how he treats his body, yet when he went for a routine check-up, the doctor instantly spotted something out of the ordinary.

Upon being referred to a cardiologist, he discovered a build-up of plaque in his arteries.

“Long story short, it was good timing,” Mike says. “From now on I’ve just got to take a small white tablet known as simvastatin each day. This magic pill will keep my arteries free from further build ups.”

It turns out that Mike’s Pacific Island background had played a big factor.

Maori and Pacific Islanders are predisposed to higher cholesterol levels, and given the fact his father, a Cook Islander, had tragically passed away due to an enlarged heart, Mike realised his condition was hereditary.

When asked if he would recommend regular check-ups, Mike said: “Absolutely. Our cars go for a WOF every 6 to 12 months. If we only did the same on our own bodies we’d live a much better quality of life.”

Mike now has his heart health under control and is happy knowing he’ll be there to watch his four kids grow up.

Heart disease can be preventable if it is caught early enough.

So regardless of your current health, weight, habits or lifestyle, we urge you to get a heart health check-up today – please, don’t wait until it’s too late.