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Nappy auction helps Heart Foundation

While hundreds of volunteers were hitting the streets to collect during Heart Week, one Tauranga mother found a novel way to raise funds through Trade Me.

Emma Cairns runs a home-based business called Rarpz Design Ltd, producing a range of hand-made washable cloth nappies sold in New Zealand and overseas. 

To support Heart Week, she cleverly created two exclusive, heart-embroidered products and auctioned them on Trade Me.

The brightly-coloured nappies attracted strong interest, one selling for $46 and the other for $63, with all proceeds donated to the Heart Foundation.     

Emma says her family has received “huge help” from the Heart Foundation since last September, when her husband Luke suffered a heart attack at just 34 years old.

“Shortly after our newest addition was born, my husband had an unexpected heart attack. He went into cardiac arrest and had to be brought back to life. There is a 1% chance of survival with what's known as the massive ‘Widow Maker’ of heart attacks. We are super lucky to have him here today,” Emma says.

It has been a difficult time for the couple and their three young children. Luke lost his plastering job after his heart attack and has not been able to find work since.

Nevertheless, the family remains positive and they threw themselves behind the Heart Foundation during our annual appeal. 

All of us here at the Heart Foundation would like to thank everyone, including Emma and Luke, who so generously supported us during Heart Week.

We could not continue our fight against heart disease without your help. Thank you.