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Open heart surgery prompts support

When the Heart Foundation held its Annual Appeal during February 2017, thousands of volunteers took to the streets nationwide to help raise funds for the charity.

volunteering for the heart foundation

Bronwyn Troon volunteering. Photo credit: Murray Wilson/Stuff

One person who was more than happy to help collect donations was Bronwyn Troon of Taihape.

Bronwyn has a history of heart problems after specialists discovered, 13 years ago, that her aortic heart valve was leaking. She was also diagnosed as having an aortic stenosis which affects blood flow from the heart. As a result, Bronwyn was monitored yearly and the findings were that she had been born with the condition.

Urgent heart surgery

However, things took an unexpected turn for the worse, when she was told nearly five years ago that she needed an urgent heart valve replacement. Suddenly faced with open heart surgery, Bronwyn’s life was turned upside down. She spent weeks in hospital recovering from the operation and generally trying to come to terms with what had happened to her. 

“I got a real shock when I was told that my aortic valve needed replacing as soon as possible. But I’m now the proud owner of a mechanical heart valve which should tick along nicely for the next 40 years.”

Support from the community

Bronwyn says the love and support she and her family received from the local Taihape community is something she will always remember and cherish.

“I feel very fortunate and grateful to now be in a position to be able to give something back and help the Heart Foundation with their annual appeal.” 

Getting involved with our Annual Appeal

Funds raised during the Heart Foundation’s annual appeal are used to support heart-related research and specialist training for cardiologists.

The Heart Foundation is New Zealand’s leading independent funder of heart research. Since 1970, it has invested more than $57 million in research and specialist training.

The Heart Foundation also offers a wide range of activities devoted to helping support people like Bronwyn who are living with heart disease, plus educational programmes and campaigns that promote heart-healthy living.

Join Bronwyn and thousands of other Kiwis out on the street Friday 23 and Saturday 24 February to collect money for life-saving heart research.