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Heart valve problems, Rheumatic fever and heart disease

Julie thought her childhood asthma was coming back to taunt her, but the real problem was far more ...

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Congenital heart disease, Heart valve problems

Going from the height of fitness to needing an aortic valve replacement was a big adjustment for ...

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Heart attack, Heart valve problems

Jimmy tells his heart attack and valve surgery story in Traditional Chinese....

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Cardiomyopathy, Heart attack

Michael* experienced extreme fatigue for more than a decade before he was diagnosed with ...

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Congenital heart disease, Heart valve problems

When Ben had valve surgery at the age of 25, he was nearly half a century younger than the next ...

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Heart valve problems

John says his recent bypass surgery and valve replacement are not the end of his heart journey, ...

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Aortic aneurysm, Congenital heart disease, Heart valve problems

The need for heart surgery came as no surprise to Hamish, he’d been living with a heart condition ...

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Atrial fibrillation, Congenital heart disease, Heart valve problems

Graham was at primary school when he first learnt he had a heart murmur, but it was another two ...

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Arrhythmia, Atrial fibrillation, Heart valve problems

Darren had always lived life at ‘full throttle’, so finding out he had a heart condition that ...

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Cardiac arrest, Heart valve problems

Kate was visiting her newborn daughter in hospital when she felt pain in her chest and collapsed. ...

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Heart attack

John was convinced that the pain across his chest was indigestion – not a heart attack....

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When Brian first learnt he had hypertrophic obstructive cardiomyopathy he was told he was one of the...

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