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Congenital heart disease, Heart valve problems

“You are just under a lot of stress at the moment” doctors said while prescribing ...

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Congenital heart disease, Heart attack, Heart failure

Born with a congenital heart condition, Rob had his first cardiac procedure in 1956 and his most ...

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Heart attack

Leonie found that talking to other survivors helped her regain her confidence after her heart attack...

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Cardiac arrest, Heart attack, High blood pressure, High cholesterol

After a heart attack and cardiac arrest, Steve knows he’s lucky to be here. Since then he’s lost...

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Heart attack

When Caroline couldn’t face a champagne breakfast on Christmas day, she knew something was wrong. ...

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Heart attack, Heart failure

As someone who was always fit and healthy, Maggie initially felt shocked and then angry she’d had ...

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Heart attack

Having lost both her father and elder sister to heart disease, Susan was first in denial about her ...

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When Antz first felt minor chest pain he ignored it, but his boss insisted he see the GP. Now he ...

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Angina, Heart attack, High blood pressure

Jim thought heart attacks always came with the kind of crushing pain seen on TV. So he was surprised...

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Heart attack, High blood pressure, High cholesterol

When Nigel started having chest pains during a nasty cold, he took his daughters advice to seek ...

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Heart attack

Life-long athlete Michael has completed Coast-to-Coasts and marathons, and always placed a high ...

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