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10 ways to stay active during winter

Being active during winter can be a challenge. It’s easy to go outside when it’s hot and you want to get to the beach or park. But when it’s cold, dark and rainy, being outdoors isn’t so much fun.

How much exercise should you do a day?

Regular exercise is important. Remember, we need to do at least 30 minutes a day but that can be 10 in the morning, and 20 in the evening. Or 10 minute bursts throughout the whole day. It’s whatever works for you.

Why is exercise important?

Exercise is good for our bodies and can help prevent heart disease. It’s also good for our minds, helping us to stay happy and feel great. 

We need to be active for at least 30 minutes a day to be healthy. So how can we make sure we keep that up during the winter months? It’s easier than you think.

10 exercise motivation tips for winter

1. Plan ahead

Do you like to exercise outside? It’s time to layer up. Get prepared for cold weather and make sure your outdoor gear is ready for the drop in temperature.

Swap your summer active gear for winter clothes so you’re ready to brave the cold. If you haven’t got any, it might be a chance to treat yourself.

2. Take the stairs

It can be tempting to take the lift. But the more you walk upstairs, the easier it gets and the better you’ll feel. When you’re at work or out and about, make sure you take the stairs. Walking up those steps will soon add up.

Take the stairs

3. Workout on your lunch break

It’s dark in the morning and dark in the evening. So when are we supposed to exercise? The answer is easy - lunchtime.

Walk around the block on your lunch break every day. Walking is great for your health and it’ll help clear your head. Get your work friends involved too.

Women going for a walk

4. Swim in hot pools

We may not be able to swim in the sea or lakes during winter, but we’ve still got hot pools. Head to your local heated pool for a day of swimming. The best thing is that both kids and adults will enjoy it.

Swim in hot pools

5. Park far away from the supermarket entrance

Little things throughout the day all count towards exercise. Something as simple as parking far away from the supermarket entrance so you have to walk further to do your shopping is easy and you’ll barely notice the difference.

You can even thank the people that park close to the entrance, because they’re helping you get your exercise done.

6. Think of the long-term benefits of exercise

We often think about getting fit and healthy for summer. Then summer arrives before we know it and it’s too late. Try planning ahead. If you start or continue your exercise routine in winter, you’ll be ready for summer and it’ll be easier to carry on.

Family running in park

7. Find easy ways to walk inside

It’s no fun going for a walk on a rainy day. Cold, wet – no thanks! Instead, go for a walk around your local mall. Just make sure you avoid the junk food in the food court, we’re trying to be healthy here remember.

Woman walking to shop

8. Find free ways to exercise at home

Why go to the gym in the cold and pay for a fitness class when you can get free exercise videos on YouTube? Simply search for exercise videos and take your pick. Clear some space in your lounge and let the fun begin. Invite your friends to join in for some extra motivation.

9. Try free family activities

Keeping kids entertained during winter can be a challenge. Luckily, the MyFamily website has plenty of ideas for free activities. From tafue (jump rope) to games with balloons and pretend hot lava. Heaps of active fun for free!

10. Do some chores

It’s time to get vacuuming, dusting and cleaning. Not only will your house get tidy but you’ll be moving around during the process. Make it fun by playing some music too.

So there we have it. 10 easy ways to stay active during winter without even getting cold. Who said exercise had to be hard?

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