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Catering recipes now available

We have a great selection of catering recipes on our website which is continually being updated and added to.  There is a growing number of recipes on the website developed with caterers in mind.  You can select the yield that best suits your needs and the ingredients list will update to match.

Large yield recipes are here

New recipes are always in hot demand by chefs and caterers looking to try something a bit different.  Websites, magazines and books contain plenty of good ideas but often don’t have recipes that are suitable for large groups.  The Heart Foundation has been, and continues to develop recipes with large yields for catering purposes.  We have many recipes for up to 50 portions and a function on the website to change the number of portions that a recipe yields.

The recipes featured on our website are all healthy and delicious and would suit a range of catering situations.  There are cocktail foods, dips, crackers, delicious vegetarian options, desserts and many more.

We’ll be continuing to add recipes to the website so keep an eye open for new developments.  Likewise if you have a recipe you’d like to share with others please let us know.