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Heart help at the click of a mouse

Article updated 27/03/2015We're thrilled to be launching a New Zealand-first website called HeartHelp, which makes it easier than ever for people with heart disease to access support and advice.

Sadly, many New Zealanders are simply unable to get the help they need in the weeks and months after suffering a heart event or being diagnosed with heart disease. They either live too far out of town, don't have a car or are limited by some form of disability.

We've created HeartHelp to break down these barriers and make it possible for everyone to access support. Help is now available at the click of a mouse!

This exciting new website, which went live on March 26, will explain everything from the inner workings of the heart to factors that can increase a person's risk of heart disease. It will offer free online access to a wide range of heart health information and rehabilitation advice. Users will also be able to watch videos and read stories featuring other victims and health professionals.

HeartHelp will be the go-to place for information and support for people living with heart disease, and for their family and friends. The website will make it easy to find secondary prevention resources and provide opportunities for staying connected with the HeartHelp community.

Users will also be able to watch videos featuring real-life stories told by other heart attack survivors

This New Zealand-first website will provide three distinct sub-sites (or tools) to support people through the various stages of their heart journey. 

HeartHelp First Steps is designed for anyone who is recovering from a heart attack and needs to know more about what they have just been through. It will guide people who have had a heart attack (and their families) through cardiac rehabilitation, including what to expect in the early days, tips for staying well and information about reducing the risk of heart attack. 

HeartHelp Community is designed for people who are living with heart disease and want ongoing advice and support to maintain a healthy lifestyle. It offers you and your loved ones a friendly and informative place to gain support and access the latest heart health information.

HeartHelp Directory provides a comprehensive, up-to-date list of support groups and other providers in your area. If you or a loved one wants to find out where your nearest heart support groups are, HeartHelp Directory will point you in the right direction.