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How you can make the most of spring

Spring is finally here. Why not the most of it by making some positive changes? From spending more time outside to eating fresh seasonal vegetables, there's lots you can do to embrace the new season.

Father and son on bikes in park

Warmer weather brings with it the chance to reconnect with the outdoors – whether that means getting out and about with friends and family, taking the time to tidy up the garden, or preparing your vegetable patch, ready to grow new seeds.

It’s time to move more, get some vitamin D, and bring fresh, raw vegetables and fruit back into your life. Find out how to make the most of this new season for a happy, healthy you.

Enjoy the outdoors

A rainy, cold winter has made it easy to stay inside away from the bad weather. When spring arrives, it’s time to get outside again. Being outdoors has heaps of benefits – it’s good for your mind, it helps you stay active, and it improves your sleep.

Make the most of your local park by visiting with the kids, or take in some beautiful scenery by going for a walk. Find a walk in your area.

Family playing outside at park

Give the garden an overhaul

The warmer weather brings a welcome opportunity to spend more time outdoors. If you’ve got a garden, make sure it’s looking its best, so you’ll want to spend lots of time in it.

Tidying up the garden is a great way to be active, it can also help you feel less stressed. There’s plenty to get on with, from mowing the lawn, to cutting hedges and getting rid of weeds. You’ll love how fabulous your garden looks when summer arrives. 

Woman digging in garden

Plant some seeds

Fruit, vegetables and plants all need time to grow. If you want to grow your own food, prepare a vegetable patch in your garden ready for new seeds.

Planting vegetable seeds will provide you with lots of fresh veges and herbs to turn into salads. Lettuce, silverbeet, parsley, taro leaves, broccoli, tomatoes and peas – there’s plenty of delicious options to grow. Check out the Go Gardening website for some great tips on what vegetables to plant in spring.

Person planting seeds in garden

Change the menu

A new season means it’s time to mix up the menu. Vegetables that were in season in winter start to become more expensive, while spring vegetables become cheaper and plentiful.

We love the 5aday website because you can search for what fruit and veges are in season during different months throughout the year.

In winter, we tend to crave warm, comforting food. Use spring as an opportunity to lighten up your dishes with plenty of fresh vegetables. This Thai chicken salad recipe is a great way to get started.

Family eating healthy food at table

Spring clean the house

So, you’ve taken care of outdoors, but what about indoors? Spring will bring with it some rainy days too – use this time to spring clean your home and get rid of winter cobwebs.

A deep clean of your home is hard work, but you’ll love the results. From the oven, to the fridge, bedrooms and bathrooms. Leave nothing untouched! Get rid of any clutter too, create space and brighten up your home.

Not only will a clean, clutter-free home be good for your mind, cleaning it will make you active.

Person cleaning sink with rubber gloves on

Put your wellbeing first this spring – introducing healthy habits like these can benefit you all year round. From being more active, to spending time outside and eating healthy foods. Are you ready to put a spring in your step?

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