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What is a standardised recipe and how do I make one?

Standardised recipes are created by your organisation using equipment found in your kitchen. These recipes are used to produce a known quality and quantity of food and help control costs and waste of product. Learn how to make one below.

Healthy food laid out on table.

Standardised recipes are a tool for the chef and management. Accurate recipe costing, recipe quality and menu pricing depends on having and using standardised recipes. They are not found in books or provided by manufacturers; they are recipes customised to your operation.

Tips for creating a standardised recipe

  • A recipe must be tested repeatedly and adjusted to fit your facility and your needs before it can be considered standardised.
  • Document your ingredient amounts and other method instructions to ensure that the same recipe will be used to assist in training cooks and educating staff.
  • Measurements, cooking times and temperatures should be based on the equipment actually available.
  • Yields should be adjusted to an amount appropriate for your operation.

Your standardised recipe should include:

  • Menu item title
  • Yield – (this is the usable amount obtained for the recipe)
  • Portion size
  • Serving instructions and presentation
  • Ingredient list
  • Quantity (QTY) of each ingredient
  • Cooking time and temperature
  • Special equipment needed to produce and serve it
  • Person who tested/developed the recipe
  • Holding/storage procedure, if applicable
  • Costing information
  • A photograph of the finished dish.

Some standardised recipes to get you started

We've got some standardised recipes that have been specifically developed to meet the Fresh Made programme criteria. Ratios of the key ingredients that contribute the most to calories, the saturated fat, sodium and sugar content of the final product are standardised.

These recipes can be altered and personalised to meet your students' tastes and preferences. There are suggestions under the variation section in each recipe and within each recipe there are tips to help you create healthier products.

View our standardised recipes

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