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Kick-start life-changing habits

Lee Hukui is one of those unstoppable people who inspires others, due to her generosity and willingness to support those around her. Recently, she initiated a 50-Day Healthy Lifestyle Challenge at her workplace - Manukau Inland Revenue in South Auckland. She shares her story.

Lee Hukui, Personal Trainer, is kick-starting life changing habits. She shares her story

Lee Hukui, Personal Trainer and Certificate in Pacific Nutrition graduate

Earlier this year, 32 staff from Inland Revenue took part in the Manukau Collections’ 50-day Healthy Lifestyle Challenge. Staff participated in pairs, so that they could support each other and submit a combined weight-loss result.

The aim of the Challenge was to establish life-changing habits, by making small changes each week. The mantra for the programme was: ‘Aim to be better, not perfect.’

For the duration of the programme, participants were encouraged to choose one healthy lifestyle change that they could make each week.

As an added incentive, prizes were presented to various participants at the end of the challenge. To keep people motivated, weekly emails which included nutrition information, healthy tips and photos were sent out.

Challengers took to climbing stairs each Monday after work at the nearby carpark and attended a Tuesday boot camp.

Poko Glassie is looking to kick-start her journey to a healthier lifestyle on the next 50 Day Challenge

It was great to see people’s fitness steadily improve especially with the stair climbing. During the first week, one participant climbed the full 102 steps at the carpark six times. Six weeks later she had increased that level to 10 times.

After the final weigh in was completed, the group had recorded a combined weight loss of 48 kg.

Feedback from participants was overwhelmingly positive:

“I tried to eat real food. Eating food which is close to its natural state as possible is the best way to ensure our body is receiving nourishment, as nature intended.”

“As part of exercise, I took long 5km walks daily. I now avoid junk and processed foods and drink plenty of water.”

“I discovered the food I eat was 80 per cent of the challenge and the other 20 per cent was the exercise part. I gave up my faves like Texas Chicken and Carls Jnr for those 50 days and ate things that I don’t even like such as salad. In the beginning, I was just eating protein but after receiving some help from Lee, I added porridge, fruit and greens which helped add variety. I would recommend the Challenge to anybody that wants to give it a go.” 

The next Challenge began in April and over 40 people registered to take part.

Poko shares why she has taken on the challenge.

"The 50 day Challenge and is a great kick-start to get me back on my journey to a healthier lifestyle which I really need.  I have an enlarged heart and am closely monitored by my cardiologist who I know will be excited to hear that I am finally serious about taking care of me. It’s been three years since I lost my brother at the age of 28 to a heart attack. Fifteen months later I also lost my mum at the age of 54 who had had heart and other health issues. It’s been a tough road emotionally and physically, but I am ready to do this not only for myself but for them too. This is the beginning of the rest of my life. I look forward to sharing my successes with you at the end of the challenge.”

Lee completed the Certificate of Proficiency in Pacific Nutrition (CPPN) and is now confident about delivering nutrition information. Find out more about our Pacific nutrition courses.

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